• Author : Andras Solyom
  • Duration : 7'
  • Original Title : Temet?s
  • English Title : Funeral
  • Year : 1992


Bio : Born 1951 in Budapest, Hungary. Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.
Description : This piece assembles mythical documentary shots of the soviet funeral cult from 1924, with the burial of Lenin, to the burial of the three general secretaries in the eighties in explosive rhythm. With history condensed into seven minutes, this work is the film funeral of the failed system. The pictures are built on the spoken poetry of ?kos Szil?gyi, with the mystical ritual quotation from Istv?n M?rta, interchanged with dramatic music (performed by Amadinda) - a recollection of the Soviet Union like a smash in the face.

video stills