• Author : Jozef Robakowski
  • Duration : 20’
  • Original Title : Z mojego okna 1978-1999
  • English Title : From My Window 1978-1999
  • Year : 2000


Bio : Born 1939 in Pozna?, Poland. Lives and works in ??d?, Poland.
Description : The artist started making this film in 1978, when he got an apartment in the so-called “Manhattan of ??d?” in the centre of town. From time to time he'd look out the kitchen window with his film or video camera, onto the big courtyard that became the hero of the diary he made. All sorts of changes and socio-political events were always going on in the courtyard, quite independently of his volition. He was also interested in the daily life of the people who were connected with the courtyard. Now twenty years have gone by since the first frames were shot, and the time preserved on the tape has also become the hero. In 1998 the municipal authorities decided to build a foreign hotel in the beautiful courtyard; construction is under way, and soon the view from the window will be nothing more than part of a hotel wall. That's when he'll end this newsreel.

video stills