• Author : Adrian Paci
  • Duration : 6'35''
  • Original Title : Per Speculum
  • English Title : Per Speculum
  • Year : 2006


Bio : Born 1969 in Shkoder, Albania. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.
Description : This video is not set in a particular time or place, but seems suspended in the indefinite and the paradigmatic. The film’s images, though seemingly light hearted, are interlaced with subtle, symbolic connotations: the breaking of the mirror, in some cultures understood as a harbinger of negativity, in this film marks the onset of a playful game. The title of the film is taken from a passage from Saint Paul’s “First Letter to the Corinthians 13:12” (we see now as if through a mirror in an enigmatic manner, but we will see face to face). In this passage, the theme of human knowledge is explored as well as its limitation as indirect, mediated or specular vision. However in the film it is precisely this specular nature that allows for the revelation of beauty within nature. The tree itself, portrayed with austere presence, recalls numerous iconographies. From Jesse’s Tree, to the philosophical tree, to the figuration of life and genealogy, the tree is perceived as a systematic, living structure that supports and unifies a plurality of existence.

video stills