• Author : Vladimir Nikolic
  • Duration : 10’45’’
  • Original Title : Ritam
  • English Title : Rhythm
  • Year : 2001


Bio : Born 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia, the former Yugoslavia. Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.
Description : As Branislav Dimitrijevic states: “Five people are filmed standing on a stage while making the Christian-Orthodox sign of the cross, repetitively, following techno music beat. What is in fact striking in Nikolic’s powerful video work is that it brings its viewers back to one of the first ideological formulas, which was written in the 18th century by Blaise Pascal: ‘Kneel down, move your lips in prayer, and you will believe’. Ideology is in material practices, it resides in bodies and their rituals, and Nikolic renders these rituals redundant.”

video stills