• Author : Ivan Moudov
  • Duration : 5’59’’
  • Original Title : Трафик контрол
  • English Title : Traffic Control
  • Year : 2001


Bio : Born 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Description : The Police in Bulgaria are often a symbol of unregulated power and authority. Laws and even road regulations could be ambiguously treated and you never know whose rights exactly the policemen are protecting. What was interesting for the artist was, what it was like to be “on the other side”; to be the one with power; how wearing a uniform can change his position and point of view. He put himself into a situation where for the normal citizens the artist represented the same authority that he fears. At the same time the action was totally illegal. In Austria where laws and regulations are much stricter and citizens are much more respectful to authorities, the situation was even more interesting. He was wearing the uniform of a Bulgarian policeman, which Austrians cannot identify, but he counted on their respect for the law, no matter, who was representing it. The artist entered their system both as a criminal and a person of power.

video stills