• Author : Szabolcs KissPal
  • Duration : 5'10''
  • Original Title : Rever
  • English Title : Anthem
  • Year : 2001


Bio : Born 1967 in T?rgu-Mure?, Romania. Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.
Description : A choir performs an anthem in an empty gallery space. The verses of the Hungarian national anthem being sang on the melody of the Romanian national anthem. The artist emigrated 16 years ago from point A to point B crossing two borders at the same time. The crossing itself was also doubled by the fact that there were many identities of his involved in it: vernacular and social, subjective and cultural, individual and historical, private and artistic. When asked by some people from point A to take part in a show in point B, he created an anthem which was recorded on video as no choir was willing to perform it.

video stills