• Author : Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
  • Duration : 12'06''
  • Original Title : Bilocation
  • English Title : Bilokacija
  • Year : 1990


Bio : Marina Gr?ini? born 1958 in Rijeka, Croatia, the former Yugoslavia. Lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Vienna, Austria. Aina ?mid born 1957 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the former Yugoslavia. Lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Description : Bilocation means the residence of the body and soul in two different places at the same time – simultaneously. It is the perfect term for delineating the processes going on in the video medium and for describing the hell and bloody history of Kosovo, a territory in the South of the former Yugoslavia (Serbia). Original documentary material from the civil war in Kosovo in 1989 (Albanians are fighting for basic civil rights against the Serbian nationalistic and hegemonic power) made by TV Slovenia, but never shown publicly, has been used and juxtaposed with the imaginary world of synthetic video images. Fragments of texts used in the video are taken from Roland Barthe's book A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments.

video stills