• Author : Egon Bunne
  • Duration : 07'45''
  • Original Title : Alles wandelt sich
  • English Title : Everything Changes
  • Year : 1990


Bio : Born 1952 in Ahlen, Germany, pre-unification West Germany. Lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Description : As Rudolf Frieling states: “Using Bertolt Brecht’s poem “Alles wandelt sich” (Everything Changes), the artist visualizes a very personal view of continuities and confrontations between National Socialist Germany and post-Wall Germany in 1989. With text inserts and voiceovers (by Wolfgang Neuss), archive and documentary footage (incl. the fall of the Berlin Wall), the tape creates a dense kaleidoscopic collage of German identity between the Brechtian prologue (“Nothing stays the way it is”) and the epilogue borrowed from playwright Heiner M?ller (Nothing is the way it stays). The tape is characteristic of the resolutely videographic work of Egon Bunne.”

video stills