• Author : Martin Zet
  • Duration : 5’14’’
  • Original Title : Cherven? tat?nek
  • English Title : Red Daddy
  • Year : 2003


Bio : Born 1959 in Prague, Czech Republic, part of the former Czechoslovakia. Lives and works in Libu??n, Czech Republic.
Description : After the political changes in 1989, local Telecom employees called the artist to ask if his street still has the same name, Marxova Ulice (Marx Street). They could not believe that somebody could still stomach living on a street with such a name. The street is one of the last streets in capitalistic Czech Republic that still bears some relation to the scientific Communism that was taught at school. It’s easy to turn red while living on Marx Street (even if turning red makes you in some stages look like a clown).

video stills