Edit Andras studied art history and history at E?tv?s Lor?nd University, Budapest (1972 -77), and received PhD in art history in 1998. She worked as a curator in the Hungarian National Gallery (1977-79) and as an editor in the Corvina Publishing House (1979-86). Since 1987 she has been working at the Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, recently as a senior research fellow. From 1996-2000 she was the chair of the board of the League of Non-Profit Art Spaces, Budapest. 1989-1992 and 1997-2002 she lived in New York, in the 1997-98 academic years having a Fulbright fellowship hosted by the Department of Fine Arts of New York University at New York. During this period she has contributed to Hungarian monthly art magazines and newspapers as their New York correspondent. (Her volume of collected essays on contemporary American art was published in Hungarian.) Her main interest concerns Eastern, Central European Art, gender issues, socially engaged art, public art, and art theory related to the transition in the post-socialist countries. She has published numerous essays in different languages on issues of contemporary art and theory. Her book entitled Cultural Crossdressing. Art on the Ruins of Socialism is in press. Edit Andras teaches at different Hungarian Universities and regularly gives courses, entitled „Art and Culture in Transition in Eastern and Central European region” at the Education Abroad Program of University of California, Budapest Study Center. http://www.arthistorian.hu/editandras/index.html